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FYIs & Game Sunday
by posted 09/14/2019

Hello Parents,

Just want to touch base with you all about a few things.


feel today’s final score was a bit misleading, as it will be for a lot of games at this young age. The kids are working really hard at throwing accuracy, especially while pitching in game. It’s very different pitching to a batter in game as opposed to  playing catch at home or even at practice. Thanks to Coach Steve, we have a pitch by pitch account that helps us see how the games are being played out. With this record, I can tell you our pitchers threw more strikes than our opponents in Saturday’s game which means more good balls for them to hit... hence, the large amount of runs scored. That said, we do need to get the bats moving on our end. To help with this, just like last week, we will have batting practice available every Tuesday at Freeman (cages 3 & 4)  until the end of the season. This is totally optional, but as with everything else, the only way to get better is through practice. I know it’s a lot of running around. Thank you everyone for your commitment. 


Another thing I’d like you to know is I plan to give every player an opportunity to play each position they have an interest in.


Sunday’s game starts at 10:00am. Please arrive at 9:30 for warmups.


Thanks, Coach Ben

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No practice tonight
by posted 09/12/2019

Hi Parents, 

MBA has closed almost every ball field due weather. I drove by Thorpe late this afternoon and it’s pretty messy. We’ve decided to cancel practice tonight. Everyone, stay dry and enjoy the evening at home. Next up is our game on Saturday... Freeman, Field 3, @ 9:30am - please be there by 9:00am for warmups. 

Thanks, Coach Ben

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by posted 09/08/2019

Good morning everyone!

The GAME IS CANCELLED  by the league.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday and will hopefully see you this Tuesday for some extra batting practice!

thanks coach Ben 

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Sunday’s game
by posted 09/07/2019

Hey Everyone, 

Sure was a fun game today. The kids really hung in there and it was great to see some very solid play by our boys.

Sunday’s game is @ Freeman on Field 1 (NOT field 3) at 12:00pm. Feel free to come as early as 11:00am for some extra batting practice and warmups, and our more official warmup will begin at 11:30am. 

Forecast says rain. MBA’s homepage says which fields are open for play. I will also communicate if there’s a game cancellation. 

Thanks, Coach Ben

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by posted 09/06/2019

Hi Parents, 


First, I’m sorry for any confusion in my email yesterday about the cost of treat tickets! If every player’s family would contribute $18.00 total for the season, this would allow for each player to have a treat ticket after every game. 


Next, if players could arrive... 

11:00am Saturday, Freeman, Field 3 (game @ 11:30)

11:30am Sunday, Freeman, Field 3 (game @ 12:00)

^These times are a half hour before the games start for practice/warmup 


See you tomorrow! Go Firestorm! 

Coach Ben 

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A few updates
by posted 09/05/2019

Hello Parents, 

A few updates this afternoon:

Jerseys will be handed out at the end of practice tonight. As a surprise for our players, I had Hanus Sports put last names on them. If you’d like to contribute, as in previous seasons, the cost is $5/jersey. 

As you all know, the best part of organized sports is the treat after the game! We will be playing at Freeman this fall and so I’d like to have treat tickets available for the kids. Cost is $18.00 per game for our team; I will get the tickets and pass out after each game.

With the kids getting older, there’s more baseball to teach and more for the players to learn. Our hour and a half practice once a week doesn’t give the opportunity to cover everything we’d like. That said, I’ve scheduled an optional second practice with batting cages on Tuesdays at Freeman from 6:00-7:00pm. Please bring your player as able. 

Let me know if you have questions or concerns! 612-281-3891

See you soon, 
Coach Ben

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