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Hats personalization
by posted 06/24/2020

Hey Everyone -

We went with personalization of last name on the hats. Please venmo me $5 @Courtney-Dirks or I will also accept cash money ;) 

I have submitted the uniform info to Hanus, as soon as they are in, they will be handed out at practice.

If I didn't hear back from you, I just picked randomly the open spots. 



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by posted 06/23/2020

Hey Everyone!

I'm Courtney - Max's mom and the Snuffy's team manager! 

Its uniform time! Yay! 


Number Size
1 Y-M
2 Y-M
3 Y-M
4 Y-M
5 Y-M
6 Y-M
7 Y-L
8 Y-L
10 Y-L
11 Y-L
12 Y-XL


Please let me know which jersey number/size combo you'd like by Wednesday end of day. Sorry for the rush. Numbers and sizes will come first come, first serve.

What are everyones thoughts on personalizing the hats? Its $5 for last name on the back of the hat. Please send your thoughts on that when you send your size and number request over. We will go with the majority. 




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