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Scrimmage tonight
by posted 06/30/2020


Just a couple key things for tonight:

1.  we are in BLUE jerseys

2.  Fans - please respect the social distancing guidelines as laid out by MBA.  We need to respect the guidelines to be able to continue to play.

3.  Water - please have your player bring enough water tonight given the heat - we cannot have any team/shared water available 


Please advise with any questions or concerns.



Coach Dircks



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Summer Schedule Update
by posted 06/26/2020

Skipper 15AA Blue Fans,

We now have our complete game schedule loaded into the system.  Here are a few updates and things to note:


  • July 4th break - we are officially off July 1-6 for the holiday weekend. 


  • Practices have not been added to the system at this point - we will likely have 1-3 practices/week from July 6-August 14


  • Opening Regular season game - Thursday, July 9 at Vets at 730PM


  • Tournaments - we are only playing one tournament this season, the Hastings tournament July 31-August 2.  The other tournament (East Ridge July 24-26) is going to the other 15AA team as tourneys are few this year as there are no state bids to be awarded.


  • State tournament - TBD - we do not have any updates here on if and when this may happen as MBT is still seeking hosts and details.  


  • Open weekends - we will not be adding required practices on our open weekends so you can actually have some open weekends during the season.  Really.  We may have optional Sunday practices here or there, but make plans as you want to for open weekends.  


  • 9-man reminder - we will be continuing to hone in on player's roles during the next couple of weeks.  As our boys did not have a high school season to get used to this style of play, I am asking for your support and understanding to help your player through this adjustment.  what does this mean?  We do not bat continuously, substitutions are limited, a Designated Hitter may be used for any player in the starting lineup, pitcher only roles will be part of the mix, players may have a day off to ensure they are ready to pitch/catch in a future game.  I  encourage the kids to talk to me or any of the coaches - we will be absolutely transparent and clear here as we help them navigate this new world as well.  Everyone will have roles to play to help the team be successful.


  • COVID protocols - we are doing our best to keep the boys socially distanced as much as possible.  We are not perfect.  There are no handshakes, post-game is spread out, we are allowing players in the dugout as it is not really feasible to have kids spread outside of the dugout.  If you have any concerns or questions here, please let me know - we want everyone to be comfortable in this new environment.


Given everything that has been going on the past few months, we want to ensure that baseball is safe and FUN over the summer - we will absolutely work to develop and prep for fall tryouts while playing competitive baseball during our 6-week season. 


As always, please advise with any questions, comments or concerns.


Go Tonka!


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Quick Update
by posted 06/24/2020

15AA Skipper Blue Fans,

Few quick things:

Tonight - Scrimmage vs other Tonka 15AA team - we are in white vests- arrive 645ish for quick BP; fans welcome, please be socially distanced as it is required with our permit for field usage

Game Schedule - will have by end of week, loaded into system

Tourneys - we have two tourneys booked, advise ASAP if you have conflicts

State Tourney - TBD - may or may not happen, placeholder in system, date could change, but will not be any later 


As always, advise with any questions or concerns.



Coach Dircks



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6/22 Update
by posted 06/22/2020

15AA Skipper Fans,

Few things for this week as we will have many more details forthcoming in the next week regarding games. 


Here are the quick things this week (so far):

Schedule - Thursday is coming off as we have Wednesday scrimmage

Scrimmage Wed - we are wearing white vests (please wear blue under shirt if possible)

Birth Cert - if you do not have a birth cert in with Steph Haaland, get it to her this week please

July 4 break - we will be off July 3-4-5, we will have practice July 2

Game schedule - we will have in the coming days, more to come

Injuries - we have a few kids banged up right now, message to them was to take control of their bodies and communicate with us if something is bothering them.  They were urged to take care of themselves and communicate with us and you if they need support.  In a 6-week season, injuries that eat into that time will make things challenging to jump back in when healthy.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  The boys are doing a good job of owning their own attendance, please continue to reinforce this.



Coach Dircks

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