Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.
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Spring Field Clean Up 4/9-Freeman 1/Uniform Update
by posted 04/09/2021

Hello Team!

Just a friendly reminder that we have Spring clean up tomorrow 10:30AM-1PM and our team is assigned to Freeman 1.   You will not need to be there for the entire time and many hands will make the work go fast.  


One callout, watch for updated information from the league before you hop in the car tomorrow.  With the weather, it is very possible that the league won't want people on the wet fields.  They may end up postponing or canceling the field clean ups tomorrow.  


In other news, our uniform order has been placed!  We were able to accommodate most size requests.  We expect to have those back the week of the 19th, so I will coordinate with Coach to get those handed out at practices before our first game.  I made the executive decision to have last names added to hats at $5 per player.  (Trying to match player to hats in the dug out is not very sanitary or fair to coaches, in my experience.)  We will collect the $5 per player at the time of uniform dipsursement.  This is an additional add on cost and was not included in our registration fee.    


Any questions, feel free to reach out.  


Jan Bertsch



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Team Engel & Volkers Baseball Uniforms (RESPONSE NEEDED ASAP)
by posted 04/05/2021

Hello Team Engel & Volkers!

My name is Jan Bertsch, Jack Bertsch's mother and the newly minted team manager for Team Engel & Volkers, supporting Coach Ben and his Coaching staff!  

As we get through Spring Training and get closer to our season opener, I will have more communication for our athletes and fans as information becomes available.  However, first order of business and an urgent need is sizes for uniforms.  Please send me your athelete's t-shirt size ASAP, and confirm spelling of athelete's last name, no later than Wednesday, 4/7.  Uniform orders are due right away.

Sizes available are Youth Large, Adult Small and Adult Medium.  We have a limited number of each size available, so we will assign on a first come first serve basis.  If the size requested isn't available, we will bump your athlete up to the next available size.  

Sorry for the short turn on this request.  Looking forward to a great season, seeing some familiar faces and meeting some new fans and athletes!

Go Engel & Volkers!

Jan Bertsch

Cell # if texting is easier:  612-889-2881 




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Wanted: Assistant coach & Team manager
by posted 03/31/2021

Hello Again,

We are still looking for another coach and a Team Manager. These roles are vital to a successful season and we would really appreciated your help! If you are on the fence about volunteering to coach because you don't have a lot of baseball knowledge - that's okay! All is takes is a positive attitude and the ability to catch and throw a baseball, I will help with the rest. MBA needs shirt & hat sizes for coaches by tomorrow so, if you are up for it, let me know and I will get your information to the league.

Thanks all,



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