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Game Tomorrow
by posted 09/10/2021

Hi All,

Big first game tomorrow!  Please make sure the kids wear baseball pants and bring their helmets.  I have jerseys and hats for the players who didn't make it to practice last night. 

It's obvious there is going to be a learning curve (pun intended) pitching for the first time and hitting live pitching for the first time.  There will be a lot of walks and many will get hit by pitches.  There's sometimes a tendency to get nervous and afraid of the ball after getting hit, so the more we let the players know that they are ok and that it's just part of the game the less likely they will grow a fear.

Everyone will play all positions and batting order will go in jersey order for the entire year (if #5 is the last out of the game #6 will lead off the next game).

See everyone tomorrow!




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