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by posted 06/27/2022

Morning Team Captivate Media!

As suggested yesterday, we have a playoff game tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 5pm. The game will be at Freeman Field 1 (same as yesterday) and we'll be playing against Twin Cities Orthopedics. Should be a great game!


If you are not able to attend, please let me know soonest.


GO Team Captivate!!


RJ Callahan


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Captivate Team Party
by posted 06/21/2022

Evening Team Captivate Media!

Hard to believe but we're coming up to the end of our season. Wanted to check in to see who might be interested in a year-end team get together. A few quick thoughts include a trip to Victoria Burrow, SkyZone or find a park and play some baseball. Maybe even kids against parents!


I'm currently looking at Saturday July 9th from 3-5pm. 

Please text me and let me know if this works for you and if so which might option you might prefer. 

Have a great night!

RJ Callahan


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