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Tournament game tomorrow
by posted 06/26/2022

GNC families,

Standings are final, and our boys will play tomorrow (Monday) at 5PM at Bennett 4.  Please reach out to Chuck or me ASAP if your child cannot play as we need at least 8 players. 

This is elimination style.  If they win, they play Tuesday at 5PM at Bennett.  With another win, their last game would be Wednesday at 6PM at Freeman.


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GNC Schedule
by posted 06/22/2022

Also, in addition to the schedule is a game on Saturday vs Hanus Sports at Bennett 4 at noon.

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Tent. Tournament Game Time
by posted 06/21/2022

Hi all,

Brackets will be finalized on Sunday night, current best guess is that the boys will play Tuesday, 6/28, 5PM at Freeman 1.  In any scenario, boys will play a game on Monday or Tuesday evening next week.

Looking forward to their last regular season game on Sunday, and our casual party right after!!

Take care,



**GNC schedule**

Wednesday: practice

Saturday: game

Sunday: last regular season game + team party

(Monday: possible tourney game pending standings)

Tuesday: likely 1st tourney game pending standings

Wednesday-Friday: If boys when their first game, they'll continue on and will play again next week

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