Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.
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Choose your jersey number
by posted 10/19/2021

Hey folks,


The players are allowed to select their choice of jersey number between 1 - 99.  Hopefully everyone chooses a different number but we will do the selection on a first come first serve basis.  Please send me 1st choice and then 2nd choice if your original happens to be taken.

I've already checked with the board and wrestling or paying for jersey numbers are not options...


Let me know as soon as you can.




Coach K 

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Welcome to 13 A White
by posted 10/16/2021


Greetings all,


I am Ken Waller (son Champion) and will be one of the coaches that will be involved with guiding your son through baseball this season.  Chad Meyer (son Taylor) whom most of you know, will be instrumental in this process as well.  Rounding out our coaching staff will be Jake Vogel (son Kirion) who also serves as a head 7th grade football coach.  My wife, Cole Waller, will be our organizer extrordinaire, keeping us informed and on time!


While new to Tonka baseball, we are not new to Minnetonka.  Champion attended Clear Springs Elementary and is currently at MME.  Kirion went to Scenic Heights and also attends MME.  Cole and I, have been involved with Tonka travel basketball the past 3 seasons (team manager/head coach) and are very familiar with the landscape.  My youth coaching prowess spans 20+ years covering all sports with special emphasis on basketball and baseball.  I was a high level athlete myself through my younger years playing football, basketball, baseball and running track.  I experienced success at the University of Nebraska on a full 5 year track scholarship (During the Tom Osborne era).  The past 6 baseball seasons were spent with the Glen Lake Mighty Mites organization (Minnetonka) where I served on the board in various capacities, while also being a head coach.  I have a passion and fire for leading youth.  The journey of the process is invigorating, seeing kids grasp, nurture, and succeed with a skill set.  Also, instilling sportsmanship and comradery is an amazing tool to share.


We thank you in advance for your time, patience, and help as it will take a village to make this work.  Speaking of work...


Would anyone like to be our GameChanger Volunteer for the season?  Please let me know when the feeling hits you!  I need to inform the powers that be of our hallowed one by the end of the week.  This is an important role for us...


The years focus will be on strengthening fundamentals, being a great teammate and sport, while fine-tuning the esteem process that comes with winning and losing.  DON'T get us wrong, as we want to win all of our games, but there are lessons to be taught in losing that are valuable for life's development as well.  Every player comes to this team with different abilities but they will all show improvement no matter where they begin with us!


I met Chad at the draft, and we established a strong connection sharing similar views and baseball philosophies.  His insight on our players and the game have me inspired to get started today, but January will come soon enough.  Jake has coached baseball with me for 4 years and also has an athletic background.  His knowledge of the game and ability to connect with kids provides us with an edge over other teams.  We are all active coaches that instruct, listen, commit and are physically involved with practices. No bullhorn shouting from the bleechers allowed with this staff!  Our 3 pronged approach will fortify our team with not only a high baseball IQ but also a balanced plan to improve skills and accuracies.


We are all dads and understand that 12 boys can produce some hijinxs & shenanigans along the way but we would appreciate a joint effort in honoring all coaches, volunteers, families and teammates while on this team.  Reminders and respect are a given and we would like for all of our players to understand this.  We encourage lively parental support at the games and attitude reminders before and after practices will be valued as well!


Though practices begin in January, and that seems so far in the distant future, you will be gently peppered with future information regarding uniforms, pictures, important dates, and parent volunteer opportunities.  I just ask that you don't cancel the messanger as we are just following requests...


We may try to organize a loose gathering next month just to meet everyone or say hello.  We will send a notice once we get bearings on that.  


Our world is socially savvy now, so my primary method of team contact will be via text or group me.  (We will wait on starting the app until closer to the season.)  During the season, any changes of plan, team updates, or rapid responses will be handled in that fashion.  Once we have calendar data, Cole will update specifics. 


Emails will only be used on long snooze feeds like this one.  Don't worry, this isn't the norm from me.  


We aren't treat/snack guys so there won't be a list encouraging that but our players have been known to drink during the games.  Are you still awake?  Water is heavely encouraged at all sessions and games!


Again, more information will be coming soon in the next forthcoming weeks.


On behalf of our 13 A White staff, we look forward to meeting our new teammates and also reuniting with our old friends.


If anyone has any questions, please feel free to respond to me directly via email, text, or phone call.




Coach K


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