Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.






1.      NO seeds or shelled products on the field – in the Dugouts – Bull Pens – Batting Areas

a.      Coaches that are playing games on Veterans Field must make sure their opponents, umpires, and their own team abide by this rule.  Yes, it is a pain to which kids that try to break this rule.  It is a pain to tell the opposing coach that his team needs to stop eating seeds.  But, this must be done by all of us.

2.      NO gum should be used on/in the areas listed in Rule #1.

3.      Dugouts need to be swapped clean at the end of a game or at least by the end of the day.

a.      All product cleaned from the Dugouts should be thrown in to the waste basket/barrels that are in the Dugout.  DO NOT SWEEP PRODUCT ONTO TURF.

4.      ONLY TURFS/TENNIS SHOES ARE TO BE USED WHEN PITCHERS ARE WARMING UP IN THE “BULL PEN” AREAS (BOTH 1ST & 3RD BASEBALL BULL PENS).    Reason for this rule is the repeated use of these area with cleats will cause a lot of repair if this rule is not enforced. 

a.      Catchers working in the Bull Pens should be in turf/tennis shoes as well.  Both the Mounds and Catching Areas in the Bull Pens have been Turfed.  This will aide all teams that they no longer need to worry about rain affecting these areas for warning up pitchers.

b.      Cleats can still be used on the main Mound and Home Plate areas of Veterans Field.

5.      NO Flip Drills or Throwing balls off any type into the Wall Padding or Fencing surrounding

              Veterans Field.

6.      Picking up of trash and loose items on the field.

7.      Whenever possible, replace pebble and sand mixture on low spots…. especially if you are the last game of the day.

a.      Usually there are low spots where batters and catchers are around home plate.  Low spots are usually at 1B where players lead off and at 2B where players slide into the base.  (at 2B-you can broom product back to the low area next to the base.)

b.      You will find a barrel of Black Pebbles with bags of sand so you can mix these two products together to get the refill mix needed for these areas.

c.       Refill product should be place on the mound next to pitching plate and the “Strike Foot” area.

d.      Once these areas have been replenished with pebbles and sand, use “Green Leaf” Rake to work product into the turf.


Thanks for taking care of Veterans Field.