Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.
Evaluation Information for Minnetonka Baseball players (Travel 9-11 year olds):

       Objective & Approach:

  • The intent of the assessment process is to conduct an impartial, objective and accurate assessment of each player's baseball skills and ability.
  • All boys are considered to have a 'fresh start’. Any prior experience in a past evaluation process or participation on a former team will not be taken into consideration during evaluations.
  • Past league / team participation does not guarantee a spot on any future league / team.
  • Minnetonka Baseball (Minnetonka High School, American Legion coaches and Minnetonka Millers) will be conducting our evaluations.  This 3rd party approach aims to ensure an impartial and independent assessment process. 
  • All players wishing to be considered for Travel league teams are expected to participate in their scheduled assessment session. Attendance exceptions and accommodations will only be considered with medical exception and must be communicated to the Director of Evaluations or the League President in advance of the assessment period. Final decisions on attendance exceptions are solely at the Director of Evaluation's or the League President's discretion.
  • The evaluations are closed to parents. Please check your player in at the door and then leave the dome area until the evaluations have been completed. Parents will not be allowed to observe the assessment process.
    Structure & Assessment Criteria:
  • The team formation approach by league is fully outlined on the MBA website.
  • We will have 90-120 minute sessions with 50 player’s maximum at each session.
  • Each participant will be represented by a number, not by name. We mandate that NO all-star or team apparel from previous years be worn to the assessment (hats or jerseys).  In addition, NO apparel stating the player’s name will be allowed to be worn during the evaluations.
  • The skill evaluation criterion focuses on hitting, throwing, and catching. Pitching, running, infield, and outfield stations will also enable discrete skills assessment.
  • Each player will be rotated through each station twice, with a different evaluator.  This will allow two independent scores for each station.  Note: This change has been implemented since 2017 based on feedback that the players are not receiving enough repetitions during the evaluation.
  • Each player will be evaluated in the following areas:


  • They will hit 2 separate times with a separate evaluator at each Machine
  • They will get 8-10 swings at each machine
  • 9's - The machines will be set at 36-40 MPH at 45ft away from the plate
  • 10/11's - The machines will be set at 40-45 MPH at 45ft away from the plate


  • Players will first get 10 warm ups off a small mound into a pitching net or HS Player.
  • Players will then get 10 warm ups off a full mound to a HS catcher
  • Players will finally be evaluated by 2 separate Evaluators off of 10 pitches (Fast Balls only) on a full mound throwing to a HS catcher.


  • Players will get 8-10 Ground balls at SS with throws to 1B


  • Players will start at all 4 cones (4 separate Cones in a square with the fly ball landing somewhere in the middle of the cones) - they will get 4 Fly balls and throw each to a HS player 30-40 yards away.
  • Players will get 2-3 Ground Balls at them to field and throw to the HS player who is 30-40 yards away.


  • Each player will be asked to catch/receive 4-5 pitches to evaluate how they receive the ball.

  • Each player will get 3 balls to catch and throw to 2B.


  • ​Players will be timed in a 30 yd sprint

Parent Responsibilities and Expectations:

  • Signed Travel Commitment forms are online at time registration and aren't physically turned in to the Travel Team Director prior to evaluations.
  • Parents of participants are not permitted to attend or observe the tryout sessions.
  • No parental contact with evaluators will be permitted before, during or after the tryout process.
  • Parents should notify the Director of Evaluations or the League President in advance if a player will not be able to attend a tryout session.
  • All questions, comments and concerns should be directed to the Director of Evaluations or the League President.
    Players - What to Expect
  • Parents will not be able to watch the tryout sessions.
  • We mandate that NO all-star or team apparel from any previous years be worn to the assessment (hats or jerseys). In addition, NO apparel stating the player’s name will be allowed to be worn during the evaluations.
  • The only items allowed at assessments are baseball gloves, batting gloves, batting helmets, bats and equipment bag.
  • Each player will be assigned a penny with a number to identify the player to the evaluators.
  • The tryout sessions will include individual drills and activities designed to assess a player's skill level in various areas (Pitching, Infield, Outfield, Catching, Hitting & Running)
  • All players are considered to have a 'fresh start’ each year.
  • Past participation does not guarantee a spot on any team.

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