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by posted 04/19/2021


Hi Rookie Team! 

Wanted to drop a note and introduce myself. My name is Colleen Moe (William’s mom) and I’ll be our team manager this year. It is our first year in MBA with both of our sons (we have an older son starting in the 6-year old league this year too) and we’re looking forward to it! Thanks in advance for your patience as I navigate being a first-time manager.

I’ll try to send at least a weekly email that highlights upcoming games/practices and any other topics we need to cover, so keep a lookout for that from me and have included my contact info below.

This Week:

  • Practice: Tues, 4/20, 6-7pm at Bennett Field 3B (3717 County Rd 101)
  • Team Pictures: Sat, 4/24 at Thorpe Park (time TBD)
  • Game: Sat, 4/24, 3:30 at Bennett Field 3B (3717 County Rd 101)


Saturday, April 24th are pictures at Thorpe Park. Our time slot is TBD. Good news - they're allowing for an actual team picture this year! Kiddos will stand next to each other with masks ON and then quickly take them off for the picture.

Safety protocols are available on the MBA website and here’s a link to the Covid FAQs: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cLpLRNQQgvQG43so8VLsHzvmcQ9S1AiC/view (since we are an outdoor sport, masks are not currently required as long as you can follow social distancing guidelines)

Treats! Apparently these are an amazing way to lure our littles to the field each week. Some fields don't allow outside treats (Bennett) while others will. Bennett has a "treat ticket" system that will allow each kiddo a ticket (worth $1.50) to pick out their own treat from the concession stand. I think the easiest way to manage this is for me (or my husband, Travis) to just buy the entire team tickets in bulk and then parents can pay us back at the end of the season. For the fields that do allow treats, I'll be reaching out to you all to get an idea of who would like to bring treats when.

SportsSignUpPlay App - this is a very helpful App that you can download onto your phone that is directly linked to MBA through the email you sign in with. It easily allows you to see/manage our baseball schedule, roster, communicate attendance, see standings & even add pictures that you take. A little more user friendly than the site if you’re wanting quick info.

Here’s my contact info:

  • Email:
  • Cell: 651-303-1472



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