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Tonka Smiles - Updates
by posted 05/03/2021


Another weekend of baseball in the books.  The boys looked much more comfortable by the 3rd game and I’m really impressed with everyone’s quick adjustment to a large strike zone and the need to be aggressive at the plate.  A few quick updates below.  See you all tomorrow night at Freeman for batting cage.


Batting Cage:  Same general plan as last week – we will have 3, 20-min blocks.  6-7pm at Freeman 3 – Cage 1 (LL).  Groups below are largely the same, with minor tweaks so please double check. 

New Game Posted: You might have seen a notification about a new game on 6/6 in Wayzata.  It looks like each of the 9YO teams will play against a team from Wayzata.  I had not heard of this before receiving the notification, so will try to get some clarity.  We have a month to figure it out, but will keep you posted. 

Pitching:  As I’m sure you can all tell, pitching is extremely important this year.  From our first 3 games, for both our team and opposing teams, consistently throwing strikes was really the only difference between getting to the 5-run limit and getting 3 outs.  Now that everyone has been able to pitch 1 inning, I wanted to provide our approach and expectations for the rest of the year.

First, all 3 coaches firmly believe that the goal for each season is to improve and develop overall as baseball players, both in practice but also in game situations.  In this regard, anyone that wants to pitch going forward will have the opportunity to do so.  With only 1 inning under everyone’s belt, it is much too early to draw any conclusions regardless.  Second, we do work on pitching each week, but given we have limited practice time, many topics to cover and 11 boys to rotate through, I would encourage those that are very interested in pitching to find time to work on pitching outside of practice.   I know there are a million things going on each week so this can be difficult, but this should help tremendously with confidence and consistency.  Finally, there was some talk in the stands during our first game from the opposing team around what the league requires in terms of pitching, so I just wanted to be clear with each of you what the rule book officially says (see below).   We will do our best to manage opportunities for each player and attempt to give opportunities for a few more innings to the boys that can consistently throw strikes.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please give me a call / email.

Community 9 offers players the opportunity to demonstrate pitching skills in game situations. It is not a pitching instruction league. Players interested in pitching regularly should be preparing on their own to improve their throwing speed and accuracy. Coaches are not required to provide equal pitching opportunities to all players. The only requirement beyond the pitch count rules is that every player gets to pitch at least one full inning over the course of the season.


Batting Cage time slots:

6-6:20 pm

  • Lincoln H
  • Jimmy W
  • Jordan C
  • Cody C

6:20-6:40 pm

  • Miles L
  • Oliver S
  • Oliver V


  • Ryan D
  • Sam A
  • Will G
  • Nikko M


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Game time reminders
by posted 05/01/2021


A few quick reminders ahead of the game today:


1) Masks - please make sure your son has a mask and remind them to make sure they put it up when we are in the dugout area.  Coaches will help remind as well during the game.

2) If you can, bring a chair for the "extended dugout", please do so.  We will probably have a few of the boys in the dugout spreadout, so we can rotate them in and out -- but I'm guessing their will be extra scrutiny today give how busy Bennett will be.

3) Remember to have the boys wear their protective cup.  


See you all today around 10:20 @ Bennett 2.



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Practice Cancelled
by posted 04/27/2021

Hi Parents, 


Given the rain for much of the day, we have decided to cancel batting cage practice tonight.  The fields at Freeman are "closed" so I think it is safe to assume the batting cages likely are also not in the best condition.


We will be back at it on Thursday night for our regular practice.  Hopefully the rain will stay away.  



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