Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.

Players ages 4-8

Minnetonka Baseball Association offers youth baseball experiences beginning at age 4. We offer age-appropriate skill-building with an emphasis on fun while developing players as teammates & expanding their knowledge of the game. Registration for this age group begins in January, so mark your calendars. This early registration timing helps volunteers have plenty of time for team formation, coaching assignments, identifying sponsors, scheduling fields, securing uniforms, and more.


Players ages 9-11

Your player can join the MBA Academy training program at age 9. MBA offers our young athletes the spring/summer regular season, fall ball program options, as well as MBA Academy winter training clinics at the Minnetonka Dome. We are fortunate to have dedicated baseball-only facilities (batting cages, a pitching tunnel, and field space) for winter practice. These sessions & clinics are offered for both community & travel athletes and are designed to prepare younger players for the upcoming season and for travel team tryouts, should they participate in them.

MBA offers both community-level and travel teams for this age range. Community teams play in a league of all-Minnetonka teams. These teams play two games per week along with one practice. The number of MBA community teams changes each year. 

We offer two travel teams at age 9 and, typically, five travel teams each at ages 10 and 11. Tryouts for travel teams ages 9-11 typically occur in late winter or early spring. Travel teams play in a league with surrounding communities and in tournaments located around the state of MN.  Your player will average two league games per week plus four to six weekend tournaments. 

The baseball season for community teams begins in April (if Minnesota weather allows & fields are clear and dry) and ends in early July while travel teams start at the same time but, typically, finish up at the end of July.

Registration for community teams for this age group is in January to allow volunteers the time they need for team formation, sponsorships, field scheduling, uniforms, and more. Tryouts for 9-11 year old travel teams occur in late winter/early spring. Check the current calendar for more information about those dates.


Players ages 12 & up

MBA offers both community and travel teams at age 12 & up. 

Our travel team player development process advances at age 12 with training through Brower Baseball. Tryouts for 12-15 year old travel teams are typically in September & October with registration prior—typically in August. After tryouts, we encourage players to take a 45-60 day rest period to ensure arm safety. Jim Brower, along with guidance from MBA leadership & Coach Twenge, has designed winter workouts, which begin in January, to get our older athletes conditioned for baseball season with an emphasis on age-appropriate progress and arm safety. This partnership with Brower Baseball has elevated the Minnetonka baseball athlete’s experience and has a substantial influence on our coaches as well.

Registration for 12 & up community teams occurs in January. These teams combine ages 12/13 and 14/15 as well as 16-18 and play Minnetonka teams as well as other neighboring communities. We try to accommodate friend requests for these teams whenever possible. 

MBA strives to have options for all players & families. Our goal is to provide excellent baseball opportunities to keep our local youth enjoying the game of baseball througout their school years. That might mean trying out for a travel team (ages 12-15) or registering for a community team (ages 12-18). Your player aged 15-18 years may decide to try out for the Minnetonka High School baseball program and/or the Excelsior American Legion baseball teams. Every player and their family has different time availability, interests, and goals. MBA's goal is to encourage and empower your player as an athlete and a teammate and provide opportunities to forge friendships and create lasting memories.



We are a non-profit, volunteer-run organization. Our coaches are parent volunteers who have a love of the game and a heart for teaching. Most of our parent coaches have played baseball or softball throughout their lives. A surprising amount of our parent coaches have played college-level ball and a few played in the minor and major leagues. MBA provides training and support for coaches using years of experience plus advice from MHS Baseball Coach Paul Twenge and former MLB pitcher and coach, Jim Brower, to guide our parent volunteers to coach with success. There is a trend right now to discount the capabilities of parent coaches, but MBA knows that history shows that our Minnetonka parent volunteers make lasting impacts on our players—in skill-building, successes, and character.