Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.

MBA programming grows as your athlete does. Minnetonka Baseball Association offers youth baseball experiences beginning at age 4. We offer age-appropriate skill-building with an emphasis on fun while developing players as teammates & expanding their knowledge of the game.


As your player grows, so do MBA’s objectives. MBA has partnered with Minnetonka High School Baseball Coach Paul Twenge and former MLB pitcher and coach, Jim Brower, of Brower Baseball, to create a formula— or rather, a road map— for player success. This year-round plan includes rest time to ensure arm safety because MBA is dedicated to looking out for your player’s growing body.


Your player can join MBA's Minnetonka Baseball Academy training program at age 9/3rd grade. MBA offers our young athletes the spring/summer regular baseball season and fall ball program options as well as winter training clinics at the Minnetonka Dome. We are fortunate to have dedicated MBA-only, baseball-only facilities (batting cages, a pitching tunnel, field space) for winter practice. These winter sessions & clinics are offered for both community & travel athletes and are designed to prepare younger players for the upcoming season and for tryouts, should they participate in them.


Our player development process advances at age 12 with training through Brower Baseball. Jim Brower, along with guidance from MBA leadership & Coach Twenge, has designed winter workouts to get our older athletes conditioned for baseball season with an emphasis on age-appropriate progress and arm safety. This partnership with Brower Baseball has elevated the Minnetonka baseball athlete’s experience and has a substantial influence on our coaches as well.


MBA has created a perfectly-positioned road map for your player to move on from MBA to the high school baseball program and the Excelsior American Legion baseball teams. MBA’s youth baseball road map also allows for multi-sport athletes, which we emphasize and recommend to families. We believe players are more enriched in both skill and character when they participate in a wide-range of sports and other activities & academics. We care about the whole athlete, the whole person.


Minnetonka’s baseball program has a history of being held in high regard. Our teams consistently top leagues & tournaments at all ages. Our community program is as stellar as our travel program. And because of this, other communities often reach out to MBA and ask for our “secret”. While surrounding communities see player numbers drop off as they age, in Minnetonka our numbers remain high. Minnetonka programming utilizes a combination of leadership experience, superb facilities, and our carefully-crafted baseball road map to create an atmosphere for excellence. We also have committed to maintaining our community roots. Where some might see the involvement of parents & non-professionals as a drawback, we know that is the heart and passion of our programming. So while there’s no “secret” to be divulged, there is a well-planned, long-proven formula. It’s baseball the “Minnetonka Skipper way”. A way often imitated, but never duplicated.