Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.

GameChanger Training:

Use this link to get to a recorded training session.


Twins Hitting Tips:

Hitting Fundamentals


Video Materials:

Hitting Fundamentals. Minnesota Baseball Instruction School
. Call 612-625-4513 to order copy.
American Baseball Coaches Association Instructional Videos. Human Kinetics.
Call 800-747-4457 to order. There are several videos covering various coaching topics.
Dick Emanski's Instructional Videos. Baseball World. Call 800-833-1551 to order. There are nine videos covering topics from hitting to practice organization.
Planning a Practice. Axia Sports. Call 403-273-4656 to order. Excellent video to help rookie coaches put together a fun practice.

Manuals and Books:

Little League Instructional Guide, Jeff Burroughs, Bonus Books, 1994. This book is helpful to coaches who are interested in learning more about coaching. Written by long time major league player.
Managing Little League Baseball, Ned McIntosh, Contemporary Books, Various editions. This book is helpful to coaches who are interested in learning more about coaching.
Strike One - A Guide to Proper Pitching Mechanics. Todd Oakes, 1995. Call 612-625-3568 to order. Helpful with pitching fundamentals. Great system to get started with a rookie pitcher.
Why Good Coaches Quit - And How You Can Stay in the Game, John Anderson and Rick Aberman, Fairview Press, 1999. A how-to book by the 20 year head baseball coach of the University of Minnesota Gophers. This book gives league leaders and coaches perspective as they face the natural challenges that come from leadership.
Heads-Up Baseball. Ravizza & Hanson.
Baseball Playbook. Polk
Coaching Baseball Successfully. Lopez & Kirkgaard
Baseball Coach's Survival Guide. Weinstein & Tom Alston
The Baseball Coach's Bible. Kindell & Winken
Baseball Skills & Drills. ABCA/Johnson, Leggett, McMahon

Web sites:

E Team.Com This is a free site to help youth sports organizations manage their efforts. This site provides useful reference for coaches to build an understanding of the game and acquire coaching tools.

Positive Coaching AllianceThis site has loads of reference material to help you and your coaches understand youth and sports psychology. In spite of the win-at-all costs attitude that the media show in our professional sports, they suggest that elite athletes keep focused on performance goals and not on winning and losing.