Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.


Community League 12/13 YO

Rules provided to TBR Managers and Coaches and Weststar Umpires



1. No courtesy runners are used in League play.  Courtesy runners may be used in outside tournaments if allowed by tournament rules.


2. There is no “Must Slide Rule.” Runners should avoid “intent to injure” but will not be called out for contact or for not sliding.


3. Games will have 7 innings


4. All games that have gone 5 innings (or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead) shall be complete games if stopped because of rain or darkness.


5. Time Limits (MBA Fields only)

When Playing on an MBA field and there is a another game immediately following your game there will be no start to a new inning after 2 Hours from the agreed upon start time.  Make sure to discuss time limits with both the umpire and opposing coaches before the game.

If there is no game following your game and light permits you are expected to complete the game unless called for darkness. If a game is called for darkness and the inning is not completed the score will revert back to the previous inning and the game will be considered complete.


  • Games played at Excelsior Commons, no new innings after 1 hour and 45 minutes from the agreed upon start time.  (Example: games starting at 5:30 or 6:00pm cannot start a new inning after 7:15 or 7:45 if another games follows) Make sure the umpire and both coaches understand the time regulations prior to starting the game.

Please note:  These time limits apply to only games played on MBA fields, when playing away games other communities may have different rules.  Be sure to check with the opposing coach prior to all away games.



6. The 10 run rule will apply to all games. All games that have gone 5 innings (or 4 1/2 if the home team is ahead) shall be complete games. The umpire will leave the field once the game is official. However, if time is still available, coaches can elect to continue to scrimmage (both coaches must agree).


7. All Teams will use unlimited defensive substitution in each game, except for the pitching position. Once a pitcher leaves the mound, they may not return to the mound during that game.


8. Batting for all teams will be “round robin.” Everyone bats that is on the roster for the game.


9. In the event a team is short one player at the official start of the game, an umpire will give the team 10 minutes (from the official start time) to get a substitute player to the field. Only players registered in the MBA 12/13 Community can serve as substitutes on MBA 12/13 Community teams. The game would be counted as an official game.


If a substitute player cannot be located and the other team has more than 9 players, the game should be played as an official game. Each inning the last batter from the opposing team would assume a defensive position but would not bat for the team that is short the player.  Substitute players cannot assume the pitcher or catcher positions. If a team is short more than one player 10 minutes after the scheduled start of the game, the game will be recorded as a forfeit. If one team has 9 players and the other team has less than 9 players ready to play 10 minutes after the scheduled start, the game will be recorded as a forfeit. If both teams are short players, an effort will be made to reschedule the game.


10. There will be a balk warning. Each Pitcher will receive one warning per game. The umpire will explain to the pitcher and team manager why he called a balk. Runners will advance one base for any subsequent balks by that pitcher.


11. Players or coaches warming up a pitcher between innings must wear a catcher’s helmet. If a player is warming up in the field of play during an inning there must be a spotter.


12. Our teams are to follow the severe weather policy in place at the fields where we play. When playing at Bennett Park we will follow the Bennett Park Lightning and Thunder Policy, and in the absence of a policy at other fields, we will recommend using the Bennett Park Policy. The essence of the policy is as follows: All play is to be suspended immediately if lightning can be seen or thunder can be heard. When play is suspended, players, coaches and parents should move immediately to the interior of a building or to a car. Weather safety experts recommend waiting 30 minutes after a storm passes before resuming play. Lightning strikes occur in all directions around storms, even behind them. Do not rush to resume play even if skies begin to clear. Wait until thunder is no longer audible or about 30 minutes after a storm passes.




13.  Interleague Rules:  When playing teams from other communities make sure the umpire and both managers agree to rules prior to the game.


14.  When participating in a tournament, tournament rules will supersede the MBA league rules with the exception of the Pitch rules.  MBA teams are to follow the published MBA pitch rules when participating in a Metro tournament.


15. Dugouts are a first come first serve basis (ie. no pre determined Home dugout)


16. On deck Batter is allowed.  Due to smaller fields be sure on deck player is behind the current batter at the plate



Minnetonka Baseball Association

12/13 Community League

Pitch Count Rules


MBA will Follow Metro Baseball League Rules for Pitching limits.  Which are as follows....


             12-13 Year Olds
             • Maximum of 4 innings per game ; Maximum of 8 innings per week (limits are combined for tournament and league play)
             • Total pitch count should typically not exceed 120 over the course of a 3 day tournament
  • These rules apply to all play, including all regular season, inter-league, intra-league, tournament, tournament team, and house tournament play. 

  • Teams will use a game pitch log to count their team’s pitches. All game pitch logs will be retained by the team manager. Game pitch logs for all games previously played and for a game underway must be available for review upon request of the opposing manager or the MBA President, Player Agent, or League Director.

  • During in-house play, any violations of the pitch count rules will be brought to the attention of the umpire and opposing manager. If the opposing manager doesn’t provide game pitch log documentation to support his position, the game can be played under protest. All protests will be addressed by the MBA Protest Committee (President, Player Agent and League Director).

  • Any violations of the pitch count rules should be reported to the League Director.

  • In an effort to help protect players arms MBA strongly recommends to following guidelines for maximum pitches per day and amount of rest recommended after throwing a given number of pitches

    Recommended Pitch Count Limits Per day for each age









      Recommended Rest Period After a Given Number of Pitches


No (0) Calendar Day

1 Calendar Day

2 Calendar Days

3  Calendar Days

4 Calendar


12 – 13

1 - 20

21 - 35

36 - 50

51 – 65

66 or more


Note: There is no restriction on a pitcher playing the position of catcher in the same day.





The Bottom Line - Protect the Player’s Arm.



Last Updated on March 19th 2018